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If your swimming pool is properly maintained throughout the winter months, it can be prepared for the summer swimming season with less time and effort. Spring's Pools & Spas provides efficient pool opening services. If you are a new customer interested in our swimming pool opening services:

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In-ground Pool Opening Preparation

For more efficient pool openings, please have the following equipment ready and near your swimming pool:

  • Swimming pool handrails and ladders
  • Swimming pool safety cover and storage bag
  • Automatic swimming pool cleaner (the pool cleaner hose should be extended in a straight line to remove curl memory)
  • Swimming pool skimmer and pump baskets
  • Chlorine tablets and other chemicals
  • Garden hose

For a successful pool opening, the following things are important:

  • The proper start-up chemicals have been added to your swimming pool (shock, algaecide, and metal remover).
  • The water in your swimming pool has been tested. Spring's Pools will make chemical corrections to pH and alkalinity in the event they are severely low.
  • Continue to run the circulation system 24 hours a day and continuously check the pump and skimmer baskets to remove left over winter debris.
  • We recommend not running the Polaris if the water in your swimming pool is very cloudy or green Allow chemicals and filtration to settle debris to the bottom of your swimming pool, then manually vacuum the waste if possible.
  • Keep the chlorine levels higher than normal for the first week to help clear and sanitize the water in your swimming pool. We recommend 3-5 ppm of chlorine. In order to keep this high reading, you may have to shock the pool or adjust the dial on the back of the chlorinator to a higher setting. After one week, you may resume your normal chlorine levels.
  • Solar blankets should remain off until the water is clear and chemically balanced in your swimming pool.

If you are interested in our professional swimming pool opening services, have any questions about your pool opening, or want to inquire about other swimming pool services, call (920) 876-3300.

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