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Spring's Pools & Spas LLC will undertake the responsibility of obtaining all permits necessary to complete the work documented in the drawings and specifications provided in the design agreement. We have liability insurance, workers' compensation, and bonding required to pull building permits anywhere in Wisconsin. Any construction that is contracted for will be done by Spring's Pools & Spas LLC, except for the excavation, with no other subcontracting. This is especially important so that you can be assured that all phases of construction are properly identified and covered by workers' compensation. Many times the general contractor is only insured for pool installation, and all other phases are subcontracted out to other companies. Having uninsured contractors on your property may be just as much your responsibility as your pool builder's.

Here's what we will need to obtain a building permit in most communities in southeastern Wisconsin: 

  • A recent plat of survey. This document is normally found in your house papers. It is an 8.5 x 14 legal size piece of paper showing your lot, house, building envelopes, utility easements, set backs, locations, and elevations of your residence.
  • If you live in a residential subdivision, your planning agreement (the document you signed agreeing to the restrictions and requirements to live in the development). This will contain information regarding pools, fencing, out buildings, and setbacks that can exceed local or municipal requirements. Many cities require that an authorization from these planning committees be submitted to even apply for the building permit.
  • A call to Diggers Hotline to locate all utilities on the property. These locations will have to be identified on the drawing to ensure proper setbacks are adhered to.
  • Any electric or plumbing (irrigation) lines installed privately, which should be brought to our attention.

Once we have completed the design process, the drawings and the revised plat of survey will be presented to the building authority and architectural planning committees (where applicable). The permit costs for these projects range from $90 in Oak Creek to $700-800 in New Berlin. If there are no concerns, permits are issued within ten working days in most areas in southeastern Wisconsin.

In rural areas, a zoning permit may also be required. The costs range from $40 to $300, depending on the community. This type of permit is typically issued within five working days and many times on the same day.

Once the permits have been issued, you will receive a copy and the documents that support it. You may be asked to post a small white or orange sign, or both, in your front window to demonstrate you have complied with all the local ordinances.

CAUTION: If you are being asked to pull your own permits, you are accepting responsibility for all parties that work on your property. This can become a tricky position to be in if you are not properly insured.
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