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Retaining walls are an excellent solution for any earth retaining or landscaping needs you might have. They are attractive, cost effective, durable, and can be used in a variety of landscaping applications. If you're in need of a retaining wall solution, it's an excellent idea to talk to a Spring's Pools & Spas representative who specializes in keystone applications about the design and installation possibilities available to you.

How Does Keystone Work?

A keystone retaining wall is made of pre-cast concrete blocks that are stacked, fit together, and are further secured using fiberglass pins to reinforce the integrity of the wall. For your average homeowner, this means they can be used for just about any area and application. The flexibility of the construction means that a keystone retaining wall can work with a variety of grades, curves in your landscaping, and even meet the needs of reinforcing more demanding applications, such as providing safe water barriers from ponds, rivers, creeks, and lakes.

The Versatility of Keystone Retaining Walls

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to keystone is that it's a boring, utilitarian building product. While that may have been true when concrete keystones first hit the market, it doesn't at all reflect today's home improvement world. Keystones are available in a number of attractive styles, colors, and sizes. And, because they can be built to meet just about any retaining wall need, they can provide attractive, and functional, retaining walls in places where other masonry materials either are not an option or aren't affordable.

Keystones are Easy on Budgets

For a number of reasons, keystones are an excellent building material when it comes to cost effectiveness, as well. For starters, they are easy to install because of their interlocking system. This means quicker installation using less expensive materials, saving you labor and material costs. Also, because they're made of pre-cast concrete, they are much cheaper than other retaining wall alternatives. Traditional materials, such as brick and natural stone, come with a hefty price tag. Their installation requires skilled masonry applications and a host of accompanying materials that run up the bill. In short, if you're looking for a quality retaining wall at a reasonable price, a keystone retaining wall is the way to go.

Keystone Retaining Walls

Unilock Garden Walls

Brussels Dimensional Stone
Single unit wall for garden walls, pillars, seat walls and more.
Estate Wall®
Unique antique-textured finish of this wall recreates the appearance of natural rock.
A universal coping system with pitched edges and three color options to work interchangeably with any wall.
Olde Quarry®
Great for constructing a curved wall, seat wall, planters, steps and more.
Stack Stone
Sweeping walls or straight walls. Angular planters or circular planters.

Unilock Retaining Walls

The large size of Dura-Hold makes it an excellent choice for demanding structures up to 25ft.
The built-in setback design of Pisa2 automatically forms the correct slope.
Roman Pisa
Split and weathered-looking, Roman Pisa boasts a distressed appearance.
Siena Stone®
An attractive solution for most heavy-duty load-bearing applications.
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