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What types of pool do you build, and why?

Our primary choice of pool construction is a steel wall and vermiculite bottom with a vinyl liner. This pool stands up to Wisconsin winters and soil conditions. It also provides all the benefits of inground pool ownership at a lower price point than concrete and fiberglass construction. We are convinced that a well-constructed vinyl-liner pool with a deck built around it provides our customer with the best investment for this market. This type of construction provides true versatility in design while incorporating the latest benefits of both technology and automation.

How much does an inground pool cost?

Costs vary depending upon your budget and design. First, we develop a plan the addresses your needs and expectations, while identifying all the costs involved. If we can determine a budget that you are comfortable with, we will provide you with two alternative detailed plans for an inground pool installation within that agreed upon amount. We will then either revise one of the plans or incorporate a new plan as a final document. With these documents, we will be able to outline the exact costs of your Project.

How much does this planning cost?

Nothing. We will develop your plans and is included with your new pool. These carefully documented plans assure us (and you) that we are making the best investment for you and your family.

How much will it cost to run my pool?

Although size and features will determine the cost of running your pool, equipment selection also can greatly affect operating costs. Today’s green technology has driven the pool industry motors, heaters, and pumps to unheard of efficiencies, reducing the cost of operation by 60-70 percent from a few years ago. It is important that your builder be educated in these new opportunities to ensure you are installing the latest cost and energy-saving equipment.

How long will the project take from start to finish?

Of course it all depends on the size of the project and the weather, but our average Project takes approximately three to four weeks to complete. This includes building the pool, pouring the decking, installing fencing, finishing the grade around the project. The same skilled teams that have built all of the projects you see on this Web site will begin and complete your pool; there is no other contractor involved. Our teams work in-house, on a single schedule, building one pool at a time. Our only building delays are due to weather!

Where can I put my pool?

The answer for this will be different for everyone, but your community and neighborhood building and planning committees will, for the most part, dictate the boundaries and elevation of your Project. Words like “setbacks” and “utility easements” will become part of our vocabulary. The plat of survey document will help us begin our journey through the permitting process. Once this information is gathered, a detailed plan can be developed to satisfy the requirements of all the parties.

Why is developing a detailed set of plans for my pool important?

These plans are the road map for our success. Not only are they required to answer the most important question, “How much will it cost?” but they also identify the who, what, where, and when. A detailed set of construction plans and a well-designed Project also emphasize the quality investment of your Backyard Oasis for future buyers.

Home builders, remodelers, and landscapers all work off detailed plans - your pool builder should too!

Why do cost estimates vary so much when pools seem to be exactly the same?

Very seldom are pools presented to the customer by size, not how they are constructed. It is much like comparing square footage in the new housing market. You may get the same size house for half as much money, but you definitely are not getting the same house. Luckily, things are fairly regulated in the housing industry. There are codes that must be adhered to and a certain level of expertise is demanded, not only by the public, but by local building authorities. It is a little more lax when it comes to the building authority’s scrutiny of pool builders.

Most communities ask for no more than that the pool be located on a plat of survey. The communities that do ask for proof of a contractor’s liability insurance do not question if the coverage is just for pools or if they are covered in all phases of construction. They also do not ask if the sub-contractors are insured. There is a considerably greater cost involved in having insurance covering all phases of construction. Without complete insurance coverage, you share the responsibility of having uninsured contractors on your property if an accident occurs. Cheaper can be very dangerous. Also, without a detailed plan, many costs can be overlooked, and once into the project, there is usually no way to go back.

Why should I ask for a Certificate of Insurance from my pool builder?

First of all, it gives you the peace of mind knowing that you are not taking on the responsibility of insuring the people on your property doing the work. You also will not be held liable for any injuries or accidents that occur on your property. Your builder must have complete coverage that spells out exactly what kind of work is being performed and under which category of workmen’s compensation insurance (e.g. concrete, fencing, carpentry, landscaping, pool construction, and pool service). These insurances or coverages do not extend to parties that work as sub-contractors. They are responsible for securing their own insurance and providing these documents.

Why shouldn’t I just get my own permit?

Getting your own permit means you assume all liability of work performed on your property. If your contractor does not want to or insist on getting the permit for the pool and all other work he proposes to do, steer clear!

How much work is involved in maintaining a swimming pool?

Many of our past customers say they spend 15 minutes to a half hour per week cleaning their pool, which involves taking a water test, adding chemicals (if needed), and adding an automatic pool cleaner. Will you spend a few Saturday mornings brushing the pool steps or wall ladders? Probably, but it will be more likely because you are enjoying the ownership of your new pool, and not because it needs extensive cleaning.

Will I be instructed in the care and the maintenance of my pool?

After your pool has been completed, you will be given a second binder, detailing a complete description of your pool and the amount of water it holds. You also will be given a list of weekly and monthly checks to be performed on your pool. A thorough explanation of pool operation will be given before your pool is turned over to you. We also are available to answer any questions you may have at any time.

Do you provide service and repairs?

Yes, we service and repair all of our own pools, from pump replacement to complete renovation.

How will an inground pool affect my home’s resale value?

As with any investment in your home, the quality and workmanship, plus the benefits it will provide the owner, determine the true value of a Backyard Oasis. In the last ten years the real estate market has come full circle and has actually endorsed the idea that a pool can add real value to your home. Creating at-home environments to keep families safe and close to home. The latest buzzword is “staycation,” still underlining the advantages of investing in your own home to create lasting memories with family and friends.

What about pool safety?

There are many layers of safety that should be incorporated into pool ownership. You must trust your builder to engineer their pools to conform not only to building codes but to national safety concerns like the Virginia Graham Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act, which requires that all public swimming pools and spas be equipped with anti-entrapment drain covers. Our pools have been built to exceed these new federal recommendations.

Other important safety features that are seldom talked about are having depth and no diving tile markers installed in the concrete around the perimeter of the pool, commonly found in commercial pools at hotels, resorts, water parks, etc. Spring’s Pools & Spas LLC includes them as well, to let your family and guests know the exact depths of the pool in all locations and more importantly, that diving is prohibited around the entire pool, unless there is a properly installed diving board or platform. These are reasonable safeguards to inform the public. Because we build all of the decking around our pools, we’ve incorporated this feature for over ten years and are the only residential pool builder in the area that includes these markers within the safety package.

Ninety percent of the pools we install have automatic pool covers. We install and maintain these units in-house and were one of the first contractors in the state to install Cover Star / Lathum Auto-Cover pool systems. We are a dealer of the Sterling Pool system from Fort Wayne, which builds all components of our inground pools. From door alarms to self-closing, self-latching gates, we equip all of our Projects with the latest in safety equipment.

There also is a large section on safety located in the pool binder that you will receive with safety reminders and tips on how to create a safe environment around the pool. Winter loop lock safety covers are installed on all of our pools so that they are protected when not in use.

Hundreds of thousands of inground pools all over the country demonstrate their ability to provide hours of safe, healthy fun and exercise for the entire family. We will help you create a similar environment in your backyard.

Why should I do business with Spring’s Pools & Spas?

John has over 35 years to the pool and outdoor industry. Our vision for the last 26 years here in Wisconsin has been designing and building inground pools and their surroundings.

Our construction procedures ensure that quality decking, paving, retaining walls, fire pits, putting greens, lighting, and landscaping supports the quality construction that went into your pool. We also have the design skills and capabilities to enhance the value of your investment, now and for years to come. Our existence has always been built on customer satisfaction and referrals. It has been the lifeblood of our success.

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